Rittenhouse Coffe Shop

Yesterday I posted this picture of an abandoned coffee shop on Rittenhouse Square (on the backside of the empty lot on the square) on my Instagram (sambrando). I randomly stumbled upon this article today (click the photo) about that coffee shop and The Warwick (built in 1885) next door. In 2003 the PPA bought the buildings, gave Warwick residents 30 days to move out, and then did nothing but let it deteriorate. Of course there were battles with preservationists, and now the Walnut Rittenhouse Associates owns the buildings, which they purchased in 2007 for $36.7 million. WRA currently owes approximately $360,000 in tax liens. Will they ever be restored…….?

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Gallery Walls

I’m attempting to create a gallery wall, but the furthest I’ve gotten so far is purchasing frames in varying sizes from IKEA. I turned to apartmenttherapy.com for some inspiration and found some really great examples. I think the key is mixing art, items (in shadow boxes) and photography. Click the pic for the article!

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diy cord

Once again, apartmenttherapy.com does it again. I love myself some bright colors, and I hate ugly electric cords spouting all which ways out of the walls. This picture is an extreme version of covering cords on crack, but if you click the picture to the post, there are very easy ways (bright nylon string) to change ugly lamp cords, or guitar amp cords, into things of beauty!

Divine Lorraine

Supposedly, the Divine Lorraine is set to be restored and renovated into condos and restaurants with construction starting sometime in the near (?) future by developer Eric Blumenfeld who purchased it this past October. It was the first racially integrated hotel in Philadelphia upon its takeover by Father Divine, who ran what today many of us would consider a cult. Click the photo to view shots of the inside taken in 2006 before the inside was completely pillaged by a developer.

This is the final installment of the town house makeover: the kitchen! The cabinets were still great, so we swapped out the old gold knobs for birdcage ones in oil rubbed bronze. We ditched the hunter green counter tops and picked out a granite that incorporated the honey tones of the cabinets, and would compliment the oil rubbed bronze fixtures, and also the stainless steel appliances- not an easy feat! For the island, we did something a little different and used a gray granite with a ‘leather’ textured finish. For appliances we went all stainless steel, replaced the sink with a single deep basin, and an oil rubbed bronze Moen faucet that complimented the light fixtures and pendant lights we installed over the island.

IMG_7160IMG_7439  IMG_7440 IMG_7215 IMG_0507 IMG_0505IMG_0498  IMG_0501  IMG_0510

500 sq foot house for 4

Can you imagine living in a 500 square foot apartment…with your husband and 2 young kids? Check out the blogger ohhappyday’s rental that she renovated and lives in with her husband and sons. It seems SO MUCH LARGER in the photos! Her trick: all white walls. click the photo for the link!

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