Delancey Mansion

Check out this amazing 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom mansion on the beautiful Delancey Street in Philadelphia. Built in 1863, it could be yours for $2.75 million!

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My Mobile App!

Use my free phone/iPad app to search what’s going on in the market via easy to search maps!

If you’re thinking of moving, or just curious what the market is like where you live, definitely check out the new Prudential website. It’s super easy to do a quick search in whatever area you’d like and look at some pictures!

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Permanent Year-Round streamer Decorations

Permanent Year-Round streamer Decorations

I saw the below creation by on a blog I read over a year ago, but it wasn’t until February that I attempted my own version with some crepe paper I found around the house. I originally made a strand with the reds and pinks and gold shiny streamers for valentines day, and added orange to create a year round color punch as a permanent fixture. Let me know if you want some instruction on how to create one of these!


Chain ReHAB!

Today’s rehab post comes courtesy of my friends Kate & Bridget. They wanted to replace their blah IKEA kitchen table and chairs, and Kate & her mom stumbled upon an incredible deal: a sturdy wood dining table (conveniently already painted white), THREE leaves (convenient for big dinner parties in their Philadelphia townhouse) and 6 chairs…….. for the UNREAL price of $85.


The dark striped seat covers didn’t jive with their color scheme, so Kate & her mom used some new foam, staples/glue, and tan & white pattern fabric to give the set new life and complement the wood work.



Welcome to my Ancestral home in Italy… FOR REAL!

Back when I studied abroad in Rome during college, I re-connected with our Italian relatives- also the Brandolinis- who live in the Abruzzo region of Italy. We’ve since met up numerous times, the last being this May when I got to spend 2 weeks hanging out with everyone. Check out my family home in Cellino Attanasio. Our relatives then sold it to buy an earthquake proof home up the hill a little further that allowed them to house their hardware/furniture store above their living space. That’s the matriarch greeting us by her front door, and a photo of us in her her kitchen! Oh what could have been had my relative never emigrated to the US of A…….






Check out this amazing kitchen from a house tour on (click picture to take you to the tour). Would you ever believe its from a house that is under 1,000 square feet?! Having a small home doesn’t need to mean sacrificing comfort or style.

Could you imagine if this was your home? This is in the country of Lao on the Chao Praya river.

Doubt this home would cost too much… but homes prices in the US are expected to rise at least 3.3% annually through 2017! Click on the photo to read more about the market!

The Chinese government built a highway around this man’s home when he refused to sell it to make way. This happens often enough in China that these houses are referred to as ‘nail houses’. This man did eventually sell and move…click through the picture for the full article

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