Green & BRIGHT! DIY Terrarium & Flowers on the cheap


Brighten up any space with a terrarium or bright flowers!

A $20 class at Terrain (amazing wine & cheese tray included!) provides the gravel, charcoal, soil and instruction. Be thrifty and bring your own terrarium vessel with you for the class ( I got mine for $15 with a coupon at Michael’s…they run $60 on average at Terrain) and purchase plants for $3 and up during the class to landscape with!TerrariumTerrain TerrariumIf you would rather go BRIGHT (no filter on these!) check out the rotating selection of flowers at Produce Junction (I went to the one in Exton located across from the Exton Mall). I bought 4 bouquets for $7 (TOTAL!), and produced 2 of the below flower arrangement. They are still going strong after 5 days, and at $3.50 an arrangement, the price cannot be beat!


Flower Arrangement

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