In the fall I helped my dad update a town home he had built 16 years ago to get ready to list it. We did a total facelift of the home, replacing all fixtures, carpets, bathrooms and the kitchen and refinishing the hardwood floors. Check out what we were able to do with the master bathroom. My dad’s longtime realtor, Cindy, and I were lucky to find a floor tile and shower listello that incorporated the brown, tan, white and bronze colors that really pull the bathroom together! I’ll be posting the rest of the house in the upcoming weeks! If you are interested in a 3 bedroom town home in Pheonixville, please get in touch- the house has just been listed. Before and Afters!

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Easy Re-Upholstery

Staging your home or decorating your apartment? I’ve seen a ton of great chair re-habs on lately and have been keeping my eye out for a re-do piece. With some paint, fabric, foam and a staple gun or straight pins, you too can work wonders. This bench grabbed my eye on the website today- I love the bright colors. I’ll be posting a similar DIY my friends did to a beat up kitchen table and chairs next week!

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