DIY Christmas Gift Ideas: Boot Stuffers

If you’re like me, you have a few pairs of tall winter boots that you kick off at the end of the day into a pile by the door or at the bottom of your closet. Who really takes the time to put them back in their box or re-stuff them after every wear? I came across a time consuming boot stuff DIY that involved sewing and cranberry seeds… but who has time for that? After some more research- I found this cute and super easy DIY on using empty water bottles and some faux fur to create really cute tassel topped boot stuffers. An even easier way to pull this off is to use pool ‘noodles’ cut into the desired length and cover those with faux fur, faux sheepskin, or any other thicker fabric (tons at joann’s fabric). Top off with a tassel- or pom pom- and you are good to go!

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